Jinjiya industry Co., Ltd , found in 2002, is engaged in supplying chemicals with Chinese original.The company always considers that science and technology is the main productivity and devotes itself to research and development of refrigerant gas,gum rosin,tce, etc.Jinjiya industry Co., Ltd has established complete management system. Each department has its own function and responsibility. Every teams are united and efficient. The products are exported to countries and regions of Europe, America,Middle East, Africa and so on. Jinjiya industry Co., Ltd. has many years experiences in the international markets and has acclaimed good reputation among our cooperators. We will keep providing superior quality products, best services and excellent reputation to seek for the mutual developments with you.


Products available:

1. Refrigerant Gases 
    R141b / R142b / R123 / R22 / R152a
    R-124 / R-113a/ R-113 /
    R-114 / R-507 / R502 / R503 / R508b
    R-227ea / R-125 / R-32 /
    R-23 / R-143a / R152a /236fa
    R404a / R407c / R409a /
    R401a / R290 / R600a / R408a
    R406a / R410a / R415a
    R415b / R418a / R402b / R417a

    HFC245fa / HFC236fa / HFC32 / HCFC142b + R22 (50%/50%) / R143a / R290


2. Empty cylinders

3. Gum Rosin (International standard)

4. TCE

5. LS-P

6. Sanding Machine